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The local newspaper here in Harrisburg ran an article a few weeks ago about 16 cyclists were killed in Pennsylvania in 2009, up from 8 killed in 2008.

Then they ran another article yesterday about how the roads in the area are really, really bad for cycling.

The comment sections on both of these articles really give you a horrifying impression the sorts of idiots we’re out there sharing the roads with.

The arguments are pretty much the same garbage you see in any part of the country when there’s talk about cyclists amongst non-cyclists.

  1. You can’t “do the speed limit”, get out of my way, or I’ll run you over
  2. You wear spandex. Therefore, you are a fag, and I’ll run you over.
  3. You run stop signs. Therefore, you are a scofflaw, and I’ll run you over.
  4. You don’t pay road taxes. Therefore, you are on welfare, and I’ll run you over
  5. etc.

Despite the redneck retards in the forums, there is cause for optimism. It looks like Wormleysburg, Camp Hill, and Lemoyne are planning some cycle infrastructure.

Even though the design is horrible, Carlisle’s new bike lanes should be usable in the near future. Lower Allen township has a trail system on the drawing board.

I think there is some hope that a day might come when cycling on the West Shore will not be seen as some daredevil activity for the brave / stupid.

5 thoughts on “Some Local Flavor

  1. It’s not just Pennlive, it’s pretty much any newspaper/portal/MSM comment section. You can’t worry about it too much. The slack jawed droolers posting that sort of nincompoopery, fortunately, are occupying the “idiot section” of the Internet and we really don’t have to deal with them elsewhere on teh intarwebz.

    Unfortunately, most of them drive. But they’re either in a small minority or too chicken shit to say what they think on the road. Hell, I haven’t been honked at in quite a while. Two years ago I couldn’t roll out of my driveway without some inbred telling me to get on the sidewalk. So I think it’s getting better.

    I’d guess the increase in bike related deaths is probably just one aspect of the growing pains associated with more cyclists using the roadway combined with a poorly implemented means of educating folks about road usage.

  2. I thought the article was great. The comments… well, they leave a little to be desired. Some population of the car driving public really does think like that, and that is exactly why we need a 4 foot passing law. As it is, there is no offense when someone passes too close for whatever reason.

    As more people get (back) on bikes, and communities build bike infrastructure, let’s also get the safety and education in place.

  3. Mister Fantastic

    Look, I love riding my bike. I don’t ride on the road, I ride on trails. I’d prefer to keep my kids alive as well, we have insane drivers on my street that like to treble the speed limit. Still, there’s nothing less appealing than assh*le cyclists.

    I refer to the haughty and intentionally inconveniencing Rhode Island type specifically. Honestly, they do need a good runnin’ over. Unfortunately, the popo in RI are under the impression that it’s better not to hit cyclists with your SR5. Partypoopers!

    BTW, I am a Pennsylvania road rash blood-brother. Delaware County, 25-30 mph approx, downhill and 15 years old.

    Looking for trails near my new humble Nashville abode. Lots of bike lanes here.

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