New Year Resolution Update


I said I was going to blog about my progress with my new year’s resolutions. Not that any of my readers give a rat’s ass about my resolutions, but because I’m hoping that being “publicly accountable” for them might give me more encouragement to keep them.

So, we’re about to start the 3rd week of the year. I’ve ridden 25 miles so far, and lost about 7 pounds.

My stated goals would have me at 70 miles and 2 pounds right now. So I’m way behind in miles, and slightly ahead of the game in weight loss.

In my defense, the weather has been for shit. The roads are covered in snow, salt, and slop. My dedicated snow bike is still wanting a frame (probably going to be a cross-check). In any case, the frame won’t be coming at least until after I get my income tax refund; at which point, the snow may all be melted anyways.

Oh, in case you’re wondering, I keep track of my mileage in dailymile. It’s a pretty nice website for that sort of thing. They even give you an annual report at the end of the year, to show you how much of a failure you are.

They also have silly little widgets you can put on your webpage so you can tell everyone how many donuts or cheezeburgers you’ve burned off with your riding.

See. Isn’t that cute?

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