Harrisburg Tweed Ride Nov. 2nd!



Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  

There is going to be a tweed ride in less than a month.  You should come.

Official Announcement Plagiarized Below:

Harrisburg, PA Tweed Ride Sunday Nov 2, 2014
Don’t think this is a sweaty bike ride – but a fashion show on wheels. The fancier and frillier the better. Of course, the bikes may be decorated also – but any ole’ bike will do. •Awards for the best dressed man, the laciest woman, fanciest millinery, and coolest bike

  • Kids must wear helmets, and all traffic laws are to be obeyed – this is just a public ride that looks like a fashion parade with wheels
  • Bring cameras, because we will make numerous stops for photo ops at various Harrisburg sites
    Ride Details:

  • Meet at the Obelisk on Division Street, at 11 am Sunday, Nov 2, for pictures at Italian Lake.
  • At 11:30 am we start cruising down Historic Green Street
  • Photo Op at Stash’s (one of our sponsors) on Green and North Streets
  • Circle the Capitol Complex with picture taking at the fountain.
  • Then ride RiverFront to McClay Street for an ending ceremony at Little Amp’s Coffee Roasters, 1836 Green Street
    For ride information: call Ross at Recycle Bicycle (717-571-2008).

2 thoughts on “Harrisburg Tweed Ride Nov. 2nd!

  1. laura cowden

    I don’t understand why it couldn’t just be “best dressed man and best dressed woman,” rather than “best dressed man and laciest dressed woman.” Why is it that a woman can’t win a fashion competition in non translucent and overly culterally feminine clothing? This is offensive. I would have been interested in attending otherwise.

    • Adam

      Laura, I didn’t write the text you quoted, but now that you point it out, I agree that it isn’t as inclusive as it should have been. I’m sure whoever wrote it didn’t mean to offend anyone. The people organizing this thing are volunteers, and are probably as unaware of thier own biases as most people are. I will try to relay your comment to the people in charge, and I hope they’ll have less objectionable promotional text to use for next year.

      I do hope you’ll reconsider attending tomorrow.

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