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Hello blog people.

Much has transpired since I last kept up this blog, but I think it might do me some good to try to write here again.  The venerable old WordPress blog with its clunky RSS feed now feels like a throwback to a bygone era when life was simple, men were honest,  and children respected their elders ;  a time before tweets and “fake news” and all the noise and gibberish of social media.

So, I’m reinstating the blog, but things are going to be different.  Since the last time we spoke at any length, I moved to a farm in the country, and got a new job (twice).  I’ve been busy.

I don’t ride bicycles as much as a used to.   I now get my retro-grouch, human-powered-contraption, tweed-ride jollies in ways more appropriate to my new, rural context.

1919 Planet Jr. #4 seed drill

I used this contraption — a 99 year old seed planter to plant a “four sisters” style garden, except I threw in a few extra sisters.  I have popcorn, sweetcorn, and mammoth sunflowers performing the bean pole function with Kentucky Wonder pole beans set to climb up their stalks.  I interspersed three varieties of pumpkins (two pie, one jack) to vine all over the place and shade out the weeds.

The Seven (?) sisters garden
Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean under a Mammoth Sunflower

I planted this garden really late.  I am crossing my fingers that we don’t get an early frost.  If the seed packets can be believed, we should have jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, and enough popcorn for a winter’s worth of movie nights.

I’ll let you know.


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