I’m back.


Sad Cross-Check getting all dusty in the barn

A couple of years ago I moved, changed jobs a few times, and generally got busy with stuff. In the meanwhile, my bike sat in the barn being all sad and forlorn. I got super fat and old.

So, this year, I did #30daysofbiking in April, and it was nice. I kept riding after that, and it’s been ok.

So, I guess I’m riding again, maybe I’ll start blogging again, too.

Metric Century training plan in in effect

You gotta have a goals and stuff, so I’m going to train to ride a metric on or around my birthday at the end of October. Given my current lack of conditioning, this will be quite the feat if I manage to pull it off.

I’m following a training plan I found on Garmin Connect. I got a fancy heart rate monitor, because lots of the workouts are based around heart rate zones. I’m supposed to do intervals tomorrow. I’ve never done intervals before. If I don’t fall over dead from a heart attack, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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