Rider on the Storm


Elapsed Time: 00:15:25
Max Speed: 20.0mph
Average Speed: 10.3mph
Distance: 2.64 miles

Hurricane Shmuricane.
It rained. I got wet.
I am one with nature.

Lessons Learned:
1. People in cars are extra nice to you when they think you are insane.
2. Gore-Tex is very cool, but I need a jacket designed for cycling. Putting your backpack under your jacket makes it rise up in the back, and then water gets in your pants.
3. I need to come up with a way to keep my shoes dry.
4. I might want to get fenders for the commuter-bike. Deep puddles throw alot of water on you.
5. If I had a padlock, I ccould hang my wet stuff in the lockers at work to dry out. My Gore-Tex stuff is expensive, and I don’t want it stolen.

Ride Home
Elapsed Time: 00:20:25
Max Speed: 20.8mph
Average Speed: 9.9mph
Distance: 3.37 miles

The odometer on the diamondback now reads 206.2 miles! Yippee!