Bad Dog!

I was upstate today to visit family, but I brought the trek along. I wanted to get a feel for the new bars before I wrapped them.It was pretty warm out (above freezing anyhow), and I didn’t think to bring gloves along. About a half mile into the trip, a big, nasty Rottweiler(I think) decided to come running after me. He didn’t look too friendly, so I clicked up a few cogs, stood up, and prepared to flee.My bike made a strange noise and didn’t want to go…

In my haste, I had somehow managed to tear the rear wheel out of the drop outs. I didn’t wreck though. The dog stopped at the edge of his yard, and continued to bark at me while I got the rear wheel tightened back up.

I continued on my way, but bare aluminum with no gloves is EVIL cold. I decided to cut the ride (extremely) short and went inside to get warmed up.

I only rode for 20 minutes, but so far I LOVE the noodle bars. Very comfy. The only problem is since I got the 48cm version and jacked them up a bit, there’s not enough brake cable to wrap them. So, now I need to get new brake cable and housing for the left bar.

There is still no computer on the Trek, so these stats are from the GPS:

Total Distance: 3.63 miles
Moving Time: 00:23:46
Stopped: 00:4:59
Max Speed: 19.1mph
Moving Average: 9.2mph
Overall Average: 7.6

Here is what happens if you track your bike with GPS and import it into Topo USA 5.0

GPS log for the trip