Duck, Duck, Goose!


It was pretty nice outside today (in the 50s) so I took out the Trek. Our destination was the Duck Pond in Boiling Springs, about 14 miles away.

Every time I go out, it seems like I have to ride further to get to the scenery.

Look at this: Some asshat plopped his particleboard McMansion in the middle of a corn field. He who walks behind the rows is not amused.

Particleboard mansions in the corn

Right before you get to Boiling Springs, you cross the Appalachian Trail. Bikes are not allowed, but I did venture in on foot to yellow the snow.

Appalachian Trail

When I finally made it to the duck pond, there were lots of people outside.

The official sign

Ducks and Geese and Swans

Swans and Geese

Ducks and Geese

Ride Out:

I forgot to turn on the GPS until I got to the duck pond :-(

Ride Home:

There is still no computer on the Trek, so these stats are from the GPS:
Total Distance: 13.5 miles
Moving Time: 01:05
Stopped: 00:2:19
Max Speed: 24.7mph
Moving Average: 12.3mph
Overall Average: 11.8

Grand Total

27 miles! (Perhaps a bit too long on a brand new Brooks….ouch)

My Route Home

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