Ubuntu is Awesome

I am going to be out of town this weekend, and my hotel has wireless internet access. I decided I had better figure out how to get my laptop’s wireless card to work with Ubuntu. I settled in for a long night of fiddling with WEP keys, prism54 drivers et cetera.I plugged in the card, typed in my wep key…..And I got an IP address and I was on my way. All in about 5 minutes.

It Just_Works™.

P.S. To all my bicycling readers who don’t give a damn about all this geeky bullshit, stay tuned. I will return to the bicycling stuff in the near future. It’s just been too hot to ride lately.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu is Awesome

  1. heyas all.
    my 40 gig drive is going to good use now. I have installed UBUNTU and have ordered KUBUNTU.
    I dont know how to install the driver for my ati radeon 9600xt.
    Actually i dont know if i am meant to be downloading and installing XFREE86 or the XORG version of the driver. I am downloading them both but i dont know how to do anything in Linux really.
    I dont know where I am meant to set up my modem or set up a net account. (no INETWIZ.EXE)
    So yeah, can someone help me out with getting my ATI driver installed?
    and does anyone know of a good long PDF file i can read and wrap my brain around.
    I’m still a Windows user, but I want to use Linux as much as possible.
    Thanks. 🙂

  2. You should try the ubuntu install guide at ubuntuguide.org. There you will find directions on how to add apt repositories to install your ATI drivers.

    I use the fglrx driver. Just so a ‘sudo apt-cache search fglrx’
    and then ‘apt-get install’ whatever packages show up.

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