Ghosts of Stony Valley

Girtong2 and I went out for a grueling 33 mile ride on the Stony Valley Trail yesterday.

The Trail

We got out just past the Appalachian Trail where a dude was talking to some hikers about an abandoned coal mining town (Rausch Gap) that used to be here. We broke the cardinal rule, and rode bikes on the AT. I was very pleased with the moustache bars’ performance on what was essentially fairly rocky singletrack.

So, we found this town’s cemetery, and I tried to take some pictures of it, but my camera started getting all flakey and wierd on me. The LCD started turning on and off all by itself, and the none of the pictures turned out.

Very Blair Witch. Kind of freaked me out.

Anyways, we did get a few pictures of some other stuff. It was a beautiful day to be on the trail, and the traffic was pretty heavy.

The Trail
An old bridge

Now that I look through some of the other pictures I took, I think my camera may be starting to die. It probably wasn’t the ghosts of long-dead coal miners after all. I bought the thing in 2001, and I suppose it has outlasted it’s intended life span. Maybe it’s time to upgrade.

This was a really nice weekend. I rode to work on Friday, I went Kayaking on Saturday, and had a supernatural bike ride on Sunday. It’s finally spring! W00t!


I found a page documenting the St. Anthony’s Wilderness area, which contained the ghost town. Lots of nice pictures. Check it out.

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