Brandi and I went down to the LVRT after work to have a little ride before dinner. Unfortunately, I got us lost on the way there, and it started getting dark outside soon after we got started. No worries, I had my headlight fully charged…

Except that I was wearing prescription sunglasses, and when I took them off to see better in the low-light conditions, I discovered that my uncorrected vision is so bad that I couldn’t see the trail.

So, we had to turn around after only 3 miles.

Brandi’s Mixte also seem to have developed problems with the freewheel. It kind of wants to be a fixed-gear sometimes. She’s still rocking the original French helicomatic hub, which (for historical reasons) I’d rather not have to replace, but I really don’t see another option. I do still have the old 27″ wheelset from the Trek in the trunk of my car, which should be a perfect fit. At least this repair won’t cost me any money 🙂

Today: 6 miles
May: 51.5 miles
2007: 340.5 miles

2 thoughts on “Blind

  1. Losing the helicomatic is no tragedy. I am surprised that there seem to be a few still on the road. I have to give bad news to hopeful helicomatic owners about once every three months. One guy was really irate, and wanted me to call Trek to affirm my claim that the helicomatic is obsolete (his faith in Trek to not leave him high and dry for replacement parts was misplaced).

  2. I’m not overly upset about it. I just kind of got attached to the idea of ‘period correctness.’

    Now I’m thinking 650b wheels would be more ‘correct’ overall, since the 27″ wheels were only for the export market anyhow.

    I think a pair of fatty rumpkins would actually help her on the trails anyhow. Some of our rail trails are in kind of bad shape.

    Someday, when I have piles of spare cash laying around, I’m gonna go that route…

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