Legislative Bike Rally in Harrisburg on May 5th


In case you are lame, and don’t keep up with the goings-on at the Bike Coalition of Greater Philly, they’re coming to Harrisburg to stand on the Capitol Steps and try to get safe passing laws passed.

Bikes on the Capitol Steps

We are hoping that as many people as possible will be able to come out and ride their bikes to the event. The meeting point for the ride is the State Farm Show Complex at 230 N Cameron St at 8:30 a.m.

Read all about it on the BCGP blog.

I have some vacation time to burn, who’s in?

One thought on “Legislative Bike Rally in Harrisburg on May 5th

  1. mmm… might have to check that out, although I tend to avoid anything from Philadelphia.
    I was coming through town today and saw what I thought was a bike rally at Strawberry Square- about 20 bikes. When I got closer, I saw that they were all police-branded mtb’s, although the riders were dressed casual. Must have been some sort of training ride.

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