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I’m fat and technology is dumb

6/21/2023, 6:32:2
192 ft 192 ft
5.62 M

Lately, I've been debating different methods to log and track various things. Keeping a log of bike rides and food and whatnot is kind of nice. I use Strava and MyFitnessPal, Garmin Connect, FitBod, etc. All of these things are nice, but the integration between them is terrible. I briefly flirted with FitTrackee, which I still want to love, but I feel it's a bit early in the development process to use regularly.

I want things to be open source and federated / decentralized / use ActivityPub / resist Elon, etc. I'm not sure I care enough to write my own software for this. I'm tempted to ditch the tech altogether and just keep a paper journal.

In the meanwhile, I'm back to good old WordPress. Trusty, reliable LAMP stack with enough plugins to kind-of, sort-of make things work. The mobile experience is kind of trash, but I'm in front of a desktop enough that maybe I don't care.

I am interested to see how this post looks on Mastodon. BTW, you can find me in various places on the Fediverse, mostly @adamplaystrombone@skastodon.com. You can also follow this WP blog directly at @akillian@blasphemous.bike