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Bicycles are the means to all ends.

Cooper Mill Road Overlook

I bought this ridiculous fat bike, and hardly ever ride it, which is stupid, because I live 5 miles from the Bald Eagle State Forest with its 300+ miles of unpaved roads, jeep trails, mountain bike trails, and nice scenery.

So, I got the Ice Cream Truck out of the barn, put some air in the tires, and went out in the woods.

It was a long, slow grind up the gravel road to the overlook. The mountain made a point of reminding me how out of shape I am.

The roads are actually in really good shape. I may try this again on my Cross Check.


I survived my first encounter with intervals. I was supposed to ride in the “tempo” heart rate range for three sessions of 5 minutes each.

The computer beeped at me for having my heart rate too high, then too low, then too high. It was quite difficult to hold it consistently in the range, but I tried. I guess it worked ok.


I’m supposed to do the same thing tomorrow, except in the more difficult “threshold” zone, so that should be a good time.

I’m back.

Sad Cross-Check getting all dusty in the barn

A couple of years ago I moved, changed jobs a few times, and generally got busy with stuff. In the meanwhile, my bike sat in the barn being all sad and forlorn. I got super fat and old.

So, this year, I did #30daysofbiking in April, and it was nice. I kept riding after that, and it’s been ok.

So, I guess I’m riding again, maybe I’ll start blogging again, too.

Metric Century training plan in in effect

You gotta have a goals and stuff, so I’m going to train to ride a metric on or around my birthday at the end of October. Given my current lack of conditioning, this will be quite the feat if I manage to pull it off.

I’m following a training plan I found on Garmin Connect. I got a fancy heart rate monitor, because lots of the workouts are based around heart rate zones. I’m supposed to do intervals tomorrow. I’ve never done intervals before. If I don’t fall over dead from a heart attack, I’ll let you know how it goes.