For the past few days, I have been mulling over the idea of going bike-camping in the woods. This is mainly for purposes of spiritual renewal and oneness with the mountains, so I won’t be setting any land speed or mileage records. People in better shape than me would call this a S24O (sub-24 hour overnighter), for me it’ll probably be closer to a S30O. I’m slow and like to poke around and watch the squirrels.I’m thinking maybe I’ll ride 30-40 miles into the bush, plop my tent down someplace, and ride back out the following day.

I have a big bag of camping junk from back when I used to go backpacking, but I need to aquire a few more supplies.

Stuff I Have:

  • 1-man tent (green, so as to avoid detection)
  • sleeping bag
  • backpacking stove (dunno if it still works)
  • camelback
  • carradice camper saddlebag

Stuff I Still Need:

  • panniers
  • sleeping mat
  • food
  • cooking pot (unless I go with freeze-dried backpacker food)
  • racks (to hang panniers from)
  • rope (need to keep food away from the bears)
  • flashlight

This is what I’m thinking as far as route selection and campsite location. It keeps me off the paved roads as much as possible, but I’ll be fairly close to one in case of emergency or whatever.

Where I'll go

I’m still deciding which bike to take. Probably the Diamondback. It’s got puffy tires and an indestructible rear wheel. It feels kind of stupid not to take the Trek, a purpose-build touring bike, but I think I want the mountain-bikey-ness of the DB since I’ll be on washed out logging roads and whatnot.

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