Stolen Bike Alert!


Yesterday, some evil shitface stole a bike from the 900 block of 2nd street. If you see it, or know anything about it, the owner is offering up $150.00, no questions asked.

It’s a black Trek Antelope with purple lettering, and a small sticker on the downtube that says Smith’s Cyclery in Cleona.

Here’s the original Craigslist ad:

Today, August 18th, between 1PM and 6PM, someone stole my bicycle that was securely locked to a pole in the 900 block of Second St. The bike is a black Trek Antelope, with purple lettering, bar ends, two water bottle cages with slim, slick road tires. I’M OFFERING A $150 REWARD FOR THE LOCATION OR RETURN OF THE BIKE, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! Please, if someone notices it around the city, please contact me with the location, I will get it back myself.

To the asshole who decided they wanted it – thanks a lot! I commute to work over 10 miles a day on that bike, everyday. I have no other mode of transportation! If I see you riding my bike around the city, I’m taking it back. If you bought this bike from someone, I still don’t care, I’m taking it back!

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