#30daysofbiking – day 24 – Dutch Cemetery


A week or so ago, I was looking at maps, trying to plan out possible adventures to the West of my house, since my standard loop is getting a little stale.

I found a tiny little road that dead-ended in a farmer’s field. The road is called Dutch Cemetery Road.

I flipped over to satellite view, and wouldn’t you know it, it looks like it dead-ends in some ancient cemetery.


So, Sloth and I decided to ride out there to what there was to see.

We rode up the hills, and down the hills,

Sloth Rides down the hills

And up and down more hills.
We rode down scenic country lanes with evil, evil steep hills on them.


And, we found the old Dutch Cemetery. It was very spooky. All the tombstones were sinking into the ground in random directions.


A Veeeerryyy sppoooooooookyy Photosphere!

[sphere 4777 autostart]

After we took some pictures and ate some snacks, we rode back to my house. A hilly 21 miles all together. My legs are sore, but it was a fun ride

There are more photos in the Gallery, but be warned; they are all very spooky!

Ride Stats:

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  1. Mike

    Hi there,

    i found your blog while looking for some nice buddha pictures. I really like yours with the tea candles from November 5, 2007. I am working in a nice, little buddha shop in Berlin, Germany, but unfortunately we have very few customers. I want to ask, if it would be ok to use your picture for our flyer.

    Would be great.;)



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