#30daysofbiking – Fin


I got in another 13 miles tonight.

That makes 307.27 miles for the month, which makes this my best month ever!


Other stats for the month from Garmin Connect:

32 rides
28 hours, 41 minutes, and 33 seconds in the saddle
29,189 calories burnt (I don’t believe this one)

I recently entered into a gentleman’s agreement with one of my co-workers. He’s a runner, and make the outrageous boast that he could run more miles in 2013 than I can ride my bicycle.

One thing lead to another, wagers were entered in to before witnesses, and now there is money at stake. So, I’ll be transitioning directly from #30daysofbiking into my metric century training plan.

I’ll be a horse’s ass before I let some runner make off with my moolah.

#30daysofbiking – day 24 – Dutch Cemetery


A week or so ago, I was looking at maps, trying to plan out possible adventures to the West of my house, since my standard loop is getting a little stale.

I found a tiny little road that dead-ended in a farmer’s field. The road is called Dutch Cemetery Road.

I flipped over to satellite view, and wouldn’t you know it, it looks like it dead-ends in some ancient cemetery.


So, Sloth and I decided to ride out there to what there was to see.

We rode up the hills, and down the hills,

Sloth Rides down the hills

And up and down more hills.
We rode down scenic country lanes with evil, evil steep hills on them.


And, we found the old Dutch Cemetery. It was very spooky. All the tombstones were sinking into the ground in random directions.


A Veeeerryyy sppoooooooookyy Photosphere!

[sphere 4777 autostart]

After we took some pictures and ate some snacks, we rode back to my house. A hilly 21 miles all together. My legs are sore, but it was a fun ride

There are more photos in the Gallery, but be warned; they are all very spooky!

Ride Stats:

#30daysofbiking – day 21 – Bike Rural Routes & Rail Trail


Sloth, Klinutus, and I did a ride organized by the Linn Conservancy yesterday.

We had a guide who told us all about the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail, including some of the future plans for it. From memory:

  • Mini trail head in Vicksburg: They want to build a small parking lot / rest room in Vicksburg where the trail crosses Beaver Run Road.
  • Crossing US 11/15: Major engineering work would be required, so they are looking to possibly route trail users to the intersection of US11/15 with PA45.
  • Crossing the Susquehanna: The bridge caught on fire, and there’s a lot of work to do to fix it back up. The trail probably won’t cross the river any time soon.

The scenery was nice.



We rode down the Rail Trail to the Eastern trail head, then back to Vicksburg to talk about the new trail head they want to build there. Then, we turned down Hoffa Mill Road, to see the mill. The mill is apparently still powered by undershot water wheels.


This technology will come in handy during the zombie apocalypse.

After we checked out the mill, we completed the loop back to the Dale Walker House. Sloth and I promptly headed to Ard’s for some non-paleo dinner.

Ride Stats:

There were a lot of side roads, farm roads, and other interesting things we didn’t get to explore, but I have a feeling we will on future excursions.

I have many more photos in my Gallery, in case you are a person who likes photos.