#30daysofbiking – Fin


I got in another 13 miles tonight.

That makes 307.27 miles for the month, which makes this my best month ever!


Other stats for the month from Garmin Connect:

32 rides
28 hours, 41 minutes, and 33 seconds in the saddle
29,189 calories burnt (I don’t believe this one)

I recently entered into a gentleman’s agreement with one of my co-workers. He’s a runner, and make the outrageous boast that he could run more miles in 2013 than I can ride my bicycle.

One thing lead to another, wagers were entered in to before witnesses, and now there is money at stake. So, I’ll be transitioning directly from #30daysofbiking into my metric century training plan.

I’ll be a horse’s ass before I let some runner make off with my moolah.

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